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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Tune Up

Why You Should Tune up Your Commercial Restaurant Equipment

Now that we’re firmly in 2023, it’s time to make sure your equipment is ready! While performing preventative maintenance on your restaurant kitchen equipment is always a good thing, giving your appliances another once over at the beginning of each year ensures your kitchen is ready to handle anything that comes your way. Restaurant City is bringing you why you should tune up your equipment for the new year.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Tune Up


Reduce Breakdowns

Commercial restaurant appliances can break down, it’s a part of life. But having maintenance done on them for the new year drastically reduces the possibility. The more people who visit your restaurant, the higher the strain you put on your kitchen equipment. If an appliance breaks down, you can lose a lot of revenue waiting for it to be fixed. Ensuring they’re all up to code and working properly will help prevent issues from arising in the future.

Increase Lifespan

Commercial kitchen equipment can have many moving parts that can get worn or even break. By properly inspecting each piece and replacing parts when necessary, you can increase an appliance’s lifespan. Restaurant City recommends inspecting your restaurant equipment at set times during the year, including at the beginning. You’ll have just finished catering to the holiday rush and your appliances could use some extra attention. New year tune-ups will extend the lifespans of your equipment and prevent breakdowns, in turn saving you money.

Better Efficiency

Giving your commercial restaurant equipment the proper tuneup and maintenance they need are crucial for a restaurant operation. When you purchase a new kitchen appliance, you expect it to run at optimum efficiency, and it should. But as time goes on, parts can break or get worn down, and the efficiency decreases. By conducting preventative maintenance every new year, your equipment gets the help it needs and the efficiency stays up. Your kitchen will be a well-oiled machine if you provide a tuneup from time to time!

Keeping your kitchen equipment up-to-date and ready for the new year is crucial for a restaurant’s success. Make sure everything is working properly so you can start 2023 off right. If you need new commercial restaurant appliances or help with your current ones, drop by Restaurant City. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help, and we work with many experienced technicians that can help repair and maintain your appliances.

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