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2023 Restaurant Trends

2023 Restaurant Trends

With 2023 beginning, it’s time to take a look at the ever-changing food service industry. Coming out of a global pandemic has impacted how restaurants do their business. As a result, you must be prepared to tackle the evolving industry. To better inform our customers, your friends at Restaurant City have compiled 2023 trends to look out for.

Plant Based Restaurant Vegetarian Lunch Wrap


Last year was when alternative proteins took center stage, and it looks like that isn’t changing. Along with higher demand for plant-based chicken or burger alternatives, customers are also experimenting with natural plant-based proteins, such as black bean patties and tofu. As a result, your kitchen should be properly prepared for this. Be sure to keep meat and meat alternatives separated, with different prep areas and storage. This will prevent cross-contamination. The team at Restaurant City will be happy to help you pick out the proper equipment.


Last year we discussed robots entering the kitchen, but 2023 is taking it one step further by introducing technology into order preparation and delivery. Consumers will order their food from kiosks or touchscreens, followed by employees (and maybe some robots) preparing the meal. What’s new is that restaurants are testing out sending food out through conveyor belts, and college campuses are running robot food delivery programs. Time will tell if this becomes widespread, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this continues to gain traction throughout the year.

Takeout Improvements

Many people and restaurants relied on takeout for the past two years, and it will remain a large part of the restaurant industry in 2023. What has changed is that people are less willing to pay fees for third-party delivery services. As a result, restaurants are offering more takeout to fulfill the meal-to-go desire. To capitalize on this, invest in heated holding cabinets. This will prevent your food from going cold before pickup.


Although many people love sushi, ceviche, and other fish dishes, they’ve stepped into mainstream food. Along with being travel-friendly, which many consumers enjoy, the variations are endless. Many restaurants are fusing cultures to create new creations, like Mexican sushi that uses black beans and pico de gallo. If you want to introduce these dishes to your menu, you need enough refrigeration, storage, prep stage, and other restaurant equipment to handle the influx of raw fish. That way no cross-contamination can occur.

The food service industry has evolved over the years, especially with COVID-19. 2023 is the culmination of this evolution and will see many changes and trends emerge. To prepare your business, drop by your nearest Restaurant City superstore. Our knowledgeable team will work with you to select the proper kitchen equipment necessary for your restaurant’s success.

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