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Restaurant Patio

How To Spruce Up Your Patio

The winter chill is almost gone, which means it’s time to start promoting your patios and outdoor dining once again! Outdoor seating gained popularity during the height of COVID-19 and remains desired to this day. To attract customers and increase profits, restaurants should update and improve their patios. From Restaurant City, here’s how to spruce up your patio.

Restaurant Patio Supplies and Equipment

Keep Diner Comfort in Mind

Restaurant patios should keep both diners and staff safe and comfortable at all times. That means purchasing comfortable outdoor dining furniture that will withstand the elements. We suggest acquiring plastic or wooden furniture, as the coronavirus can survive a long time on metal surfaces and this will assure your diners of their safety. Overhead coverage is another thing to consider, especially during the rainy season. Overhangs and tents are a great idea, as you can remove them when necessary depending on the weather.

Prevent Pests

With outdoor dining comes annoying pests. If they aren't managed, they can ruin your restaurant’s atmosphere and turn off customers from returning. Be sure to practice garbage control and keep your patio clean. That means removing trash cans from outside so they don’t attract pests, and covering them with lids if you have to have one. Also, installing some preventative equipment never hurt anyone. Outdoor fans and lighting can do wonders for pests. They’ll attract or repel bugs to ensure a comfortable environment. Plus, these appliances can be used at different times of the year to create better experiences, like the outdoor fans cooling off guests during the summer.

Upgrade Your Menu

Add some personality to your restaurant patio with an upgraded or seasonal menu. If it’s the dead of winter, a menu full of filling and warm meals can bring in diners from the cold. You can also promote local products, to showcase your dedication to the community. This will help you stand out from the competition and let your customers know who you are and what you stand for. One important thing to note is that if you’re going to have a seasonal menu, you’ll need commercial kitchen equipment that can handle the job. Whether that’s through providing maintenance on your current restaurant appliances or purchasing a new one dedicated to this menu, being prepared is vital to your success. 

Add Outdoor Cooking Equipment

Outdoor dining offers a unique opportunity for restaurants. You can have specialized food or events that draw in the crowds. To do that, you might have to add outdoor cooking equipment. Restaurant equipment like stoves, grills, pizza ovens and more add pizzazz to your patio, as well as entertainment. Nothing beats watching your food get prepared right in front of you. Another benefit is the aroma let off. You’ll attract people around the restaurant or walking down the street to come to eat there. Having outdoor commercial kitchen appliances can turn the tide in your favor. Restaurant City will be more than happy to help you pick out the right equipment.

Sprucing up your patio can never go wrong! Whether it’s amping up the furniture and dining space or adding attractive menu items with accompanying outdoor restaurant equipment, upgraded patios offer a multitude of benefits that will have diners coming back for more.

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