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Big Dipper Grease Traps - Restaurant Equipment

Restaurant grease traps serve to eliminate and preserve grease from waste created in the kitchen. A grease trap, also known as a grease interceptor, is installed in restaurant kitchens to prevent grease as well as oil, lint, hair, and other non-soluble waste from entering the restaurant plumbing system. It is highly recommended to have a grease trap in your restaurant to prevent waste build-up, frequent maintenance stops odors in the restaurant, and backups in sewer lines. There are many different grease traps out there, but here at Restaurant City, we're proud to carry Big Dipper grease traps. The benefits Big Dipper grease traps provides are endless compared to other restaurant grease traps!

Restaurant City is a top seller of Thermaco Big Dipper grease traps and carries Thermaco grease traps because of their superior design, ease of use, and overall effectiveness in dealing with grease. Each Big Dipper grease trap provides a fully automated self-cleaning cycle that collects and removes grease and oils without requiring additional assistance. Every model is made of stainless steel and comes with a digital control interface, digital time control, automatic skimming ability, and heater assembly. We are always in stock, we always ship free, and we always have the lowest prices on the best Thermaco grease traps in the industry. Save time and money with automatic, electronic Big Dipper grease traps. For more information regarding specific Thermaco grease traps, simply click on the image below.