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Vegan Menu Ideas For Your Restaurant

Vegan Menu Ideas For Your Restaurant

The option to move toward vegetarian and vegan diets has gained popularity in recent years, and the momentum has not slowed. You might have noticed that the demand for plant-based meals has dramatically increased over the last few years. It is understandable that your restaurant might be looking to add additional plant-based meals to your menu but need a little inspiration.

Vegan Restaurant Menu Ideas

Plant-Based Meals Can Be Simple

Long gone are the days when a vegan meal was cut up raw veggies with hummus or boring vegetable soup. Vegan meals contain a variety of beans, tofu, and other proteins that are the basis for delicious dishes. Often, a plant-based meal could be as simple as substituting a beef patty with a plant-based burger. Fries that are cooked in vegetable oil are vegan, as are the hamburger rolls and toppings likely to be a part of the current burger offering that you already have at your restaurant. Simple changes could greatly expand your menu offering and your customer base.

Concentrate On The Protein

When creating a vegan meal, it is often easiest to start with protein, since that is most likely to be animal-based in most dishes. Beans, tofu, hummus dips, and soy-based proteins can easily substitute for beef, chicken, and pork in traditional recipes. Plant-based burgers, like those mentioned above, aren't the only option. Tofu crumbles can be substituted for beef in tacos, for example. Breaded and fried tofu can be used in a sandwich in place of breaded fish.

Beans are not limited to their use in dips. Whole beans are also a great substitute for meat in burritos, spaghetti sauce, and chilis. Cold beans can be used on a taco salad or used in place of tuna when made into a sandwich salad.

Don't forget nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds can add a crunchy element to salads, but they can also be easily used in sauces. Many Asian sauces use peanut butter as the base rather than beef or chicken broth. A huge variety of pesto sauces for pasta use nuts and seeds to give the sauce texture and flavor.

Enjoy The Opportunity To Get Creative

If you have been cooking and running your kitchen for a long time, you have likely fallen into a routine of what dishes sell well and remain on your menu for years. Now is your opportunity to get creative and experiment with different types of tofu, nuts, and beans. Silk tofu can be used for dishes that require a mayonnaise alternative, for example. Silk tofu can also be made into puddings and pie fillings. Extra firm tofu can be served breaded, fried, sauteed, or cold in a large variety of recipes that will interest your customers.

Many varieties of beans can completely change the taste of a dish. Think beyond kidney beans and black beans. Lentils are an excellent source of protein and are quick and simple to cook. Cannellini beans and pinto beans each have a distinctive flavor that can add an unexpected element to a familiar dish. Black beans can even be mashed and used in a variety of dessert items, such as cookies and brownies.

Seeds and nuts are not relegated to just sunflower seeds and peanuts. Pistachios, walnuts, flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds are just a few of the easily accessible ingredients you can use in your vegan dishes. Seeds and nuts not only add texture but can also help to thicken sauces and help the sauce cling to the noodles or rice.

Expanding your vegan offerings may give you an edge over your competition and might also mean you are in need of more prep and storage appliances. If you are looking for a kitchen supply company, reach out to us at Restaurant City. We are a restaurant supply company that will listen to your needs and explain your food prep equipment options. We would love to partner with you and help you succeed with all your goals well into the future.

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