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What is the difference between residential and commercial kitchen equipment?

What is the difference between residential and commercial kitchen equipment?

Whether you're a new restaurant owner or shopping for kitchen equipment - you've likely wondered why the kitchen in your house doesn't look like the ones in a restaurant. There are many reasons these two different kitchen setups differ. 

Residential and Commercial Kitchens

We're here to walk you through the differences so you can decide which is best for you. 

Here's everything you need to know:

What is a commercial kitchen?

Commercial kitchens are designed for restaurants, caterers, and businesses to cook large volumes of food for customers. These kitchens are designed to be functional and meet the health and hygiene standards expected of restaurants and the food industry. 


What is a residential kitchen?

This is any kitchen inside a home, condo, or apartment. These setups are designed for a home and aren't equipped to make large volumes of food. Resident kitchens are typically made for one household and include appliances like convection ovens, microwaves, and air fryers.


What are the differences between the two types?

Aesthetic vs. Functional

Resident kitchens are often made to complement your space. Whether it's fancy marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, subway tiles, or a farmhouse-style sink. 

The appliances, equipment, and decor are made to elevate your home and create a welcoming yet functional space. Commercial kitchens feature stainless steel countertops because they're easier to keep clean and sanitary. It also has heavy-duty equipment that's designed to cook on a 24/7 basis. The equipment is functional, durable, and is more of an investment. 


Types of Equipment

You won't see a huge professional-grade walk-in freezer, fryer, or griddle inside a home. In the same way, you wouldn't find an air fryer, microwave, or conventional oven in a commercial setting. 

Commercial equipment is specifically designed for a busy, high-trafficked space. It's an investment designed to last longer and accommodate hundreds of people daily. 


Size and Cost

Commercial kitchen equipment is much larger, heavier, and more expensive than residential kitchen equipment. This equipment is designed for all-day use and to keep up with the demand of a busy restaurant experience. 


Sanitation Standards

Commercial kitchen equipment is held to a higher sanitation standard. This means the kitchen has commercial dishwashers that kill off bacteria, stainless steel appliances and surfaces, industrial hoods and ducts, and grease filters. 


Customization Capabilities 

Residential kitchen equipment is much more customizable than commercial equipment. Homeowners get to choose different colors, styles, and appliances that complement the aesthetic of their homes. 

While commercial kitchen appliances are designed to be functional and practical. The only people actively seeing the inside of a commercial kitchen are the kitchen staff and the workers - so there isn't much of a need for customization. 


Revamp Your Restaurant or Home Kitchen

At Restaurant City, we have the cooking equipment you need to build a modern kitchen designed with cooks and chefs in mind. Our collection of commercial restaurant equipment will help you create the ideal environment to cook delicious dishes in your home, restaurant, or establishment. 

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