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Preparing Your Kitchen for National Culinary Arts Month

Preparing Your Kitchen for National Culinary Arts Month

It’s National Culinary Arts Month! Every July we celebrate the amazing chefs and restaurateurs who have transformed the culinary space into a world of expression and art. We also take a look at the latest food and restaurant industry trends that are changing the way we cook and eat. Restaurant City is diving into the history of National Culinary Arts Month and the best way to honor your chefs.

National Culinary Arts Month

What is National Culinary Arts Month?

Established in 2002, National Culinary Arts Month was created to acknowledge amazing food while recognizing the accomplishments of bakers, cooks, and chefs across the country. It’s thanks to their passion and drive that culinary innovations continue to occur, so it isn’t a surprise that we’d want to honor them. Without them, food would never evolve. While culinary arts may mostly revolve around food, expect food safety, food science, and restaurant management skills to also be on display.

How to Honor Your Chefs

Since July is all about chefs, it’s time to honor their skills and promote them whenever possible. But how do we honor them? The best way is to let your favorite cooks or chefs know how much you appreciate them and their skills. Show your support! If you own a restaurant, try bettering the kitchen environment with these tips. They’ll help your chefs’ creative juices flow.

Invest in the Essentials

Your main focus might be on large restaurant appliances like ovens or freezers, but don’t forget to invest in the essentials! A chef is only as good as their equipment, so ensure they have the proper tools necessary to succeed. Make sure they have access to suitable back-of-house equipment, such as knives, pots, mixing bowls, pans, and more. Also, have storage equipment like shelving and sheet pan racks available for them to use. This keeps the kitchen clean and orderly.

Prepare Your Restaurant

Every chef deserves a great kitchen, so your restaurant better be in tip-top shape for National Culinary Arts Month! Take the time to go over equipment and note which ones might need maintenance or replacing. It wouldn’t be good if it’s the middle of dinner service and your refrigerator or commercial range broke down. You’d have both unhappy customers and cooks. Preventative maintenance will keep your equipment in working order and ready to handle anything. If you need appliance maintenance, visit one of our showrooms. Restaurant City works with multiple experienced technicians that are ready to help.

Get New Equipment

Along with ensuring your current commercial kitchen equipment is in good condition, celebrate your chefs by purchasing new equipment as well. National Culinary Arts Month is the time for cooks to push their culinary skills to the next level. What better way to do that than with top-of-the-line restaurant appliances? Make their lives easier with products that can cut both prep and cook time in half. This includes drink mixers that can mix three drinks at once or a heavy-duty commercial slicer with an auto mode. New equipment can both help your chef unleash their culinary talents and upgrade your restaurant as a whole.

The best way for chefs to shine during National Culinary Arts Month is to have great restaurant appliances to back them up. If you’re looking for new commercial kitchen equipment, visit one of our Restaurant City showrooms. Our experienced team will answer your questions and help you pick options perfect for your needs.

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