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Employee Spotlight: Warehouse Manager Amy Serafin

Employee Spotlight: Warehouse Manager Amy Serafin

Restaurant City is filled to the brim with amazing employees that go above and beyond to help customers with their restaurant equipment needs. We want to show our gratitude for their hard work by spotlighting employees that represent Restaurant City’s ideals.

Restaurant Supply Warehouse Manager Amy Serafin

Amy Serafin is one of our warehouse managers. We spoke to her about what it’s like to work in warehouse management.

What does warehouse management mean to you?

Properly managing a warehouse means ensuring that all facets of operations are running smoothly and in conjunction with one another to keep the business moving forward.

How long have you been in warehouse management?

I’ve been in warehousing for 8 years.

Why did you get into warehouse management?

I enjoy a challenge, and managing a warehouse requires constant problem solving and critical thinking. I also enjoy working through the new tasks that each day brings. 

What is your favorite story from the warehouse?

You never know what receiving is going to look like each day when you walk in, and a couple days in a row we got hit hard with trailer after trailer. The trucks were lined up down the street a few times. We got everything unloaded and received eventually, but in the thick of it, it was great to see everyone come together and work as a team to help off load, check in, and move product around. 

How is Restaurant City going above and beyond with their operations?

We are in the midst of implementing new software to help take our already successful operations to a new level of speed and accuracy. Always improving the process helps get the product into the customer’s hands quicker!

How does Restaurant City’s shipping services compare to other restaurant equipment outlets?

We offer so much more than basic delivery/shipping services to get you the equipment you need for your business. There are multiple tiers of service to choose from when deciding how you would like your equipment delivered, and we have an amazing delivery crew that always gets the job done quickly and safely.

What’s your favorite animal and why?

Bears! I’m a very outdoorsy person and I’ve had multiple run-ins with them while backpacking. They’re very playful, curious animals, and getting to observe them in the wild (at a safe distance) is always exciting. 

Employees like Amy are what makes Restaurant City prosper. Without warehouse managers to properly oversee operations, our inventory and shipping services would suffer. That’s why we’re so proud of Amy and her hard work. Thank you for all that you do! 

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