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Hobart LXER-5 High Temp Undercounter Dishwasher

by Hobart
Original price $9,496.20 - Original price $9,496.20
Original price
$9,496.20 - $9,496.20
Current price $9,496.20

Product Description

Racks per hour – Light 30 / Normal 24 / Heavy 13
.62 gallons of water per rack
Steam elimination and energy recovery
NSF certified pot and pan cycle on heavy cycle
Low chemical alert indicators
Integrated booster heater capable of 70°F rise
Chemical pump “auto-prime”
Advanced service diagnostics
Clogged wash arm sensing
Custom cycle selection – light, normal, heavy
Automated delime cycle – includes booster deliming
Deep drawn stainless steel tank
Top-mounted controls with advanced digital cycle/
temperature display
Revolving upper and lower anti-clogging wash arms
Snap-in revolving upper and lower rinse arms
Removable stainless steel scrap screen
Corrosion resistant pump
Energy saver mode
Automatic pumped drain
17" door opening
Dirty water indicator
Automatic fill
Detergent, rinse aid and delime pumps standard
Electric tank heat
Auto clean cycle washes down inside of machine at shutdown
Two dishracks – one peg and one combination type


OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES (Available at extra cost)
Door lock (prevents door from opening until completion
of cycle)
Power cord kits
6" stainless steel base and legs
17" stainless steel stand with rack storage
External caster kit
DWT-LXe drain water tempering kit – to comply with
plumbing codes
Water hammer kit
Splash reduction panels
Optional trim strip