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Thermaco W-200-IS 20 GPM Big Dipper Stainless Steel Automatic Grease Removal Unit

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Product Description

Thermaco W-200-IS Big Dipper

  • Fully automatic self cleaning cycle. Removes collected grease & oils from tank without any operator assistance. Comes complete with 24-hour timer and Grease Collector.

  • Attractive sanitary Stainless Steel exterior.

  • Integrated Motor/Grease Outlet/Heater/Lid enables a fast, do-it-yourself unit operation reversal

  • Compact footprint

  • Two (2) No-Hub Connectors provided

  • Number of Skimming Wheels 1

  • Maximum Inlet Flow Rate 20 GPM

  • Material Interior Rotationally Molded Polyethylene

  • Material Exterior 304 Stainless Steel, Bright Finish

  • Internal Solids Strainer Capacity 1.85 Gallons

  • Grease Retention Capacity 40+ Pounds

  • Skimming Rate 20 Pounds Per Hour


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Product Overview

Big Dipper 20 Gallon IS Point Source Automatic Grease Removal System.Fully automatic self cleaning cycle. Actively removes collected grease & oils from tank without anyoperator assistance. Comes complete with Digital Control user interface and Grease Collector.