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Hobart AM15-1 High Temp Dishwasher

by Hobart

Product Description

• .74 gallons per rack final rinse water
• 65 racks per hour – chemical sanitizing
• NSF pot and pan listed for 2-, 4- & 6-minute cycles
• Timed wash cycles for 1, 2, 4 or 6 minutes
• Solid state, integrated controls with digital status indicators
• Self-draining, high efficiency stainless steel pump and stainless steel impeller
• Stainless steel drawn tank, tank shelf, chamber, trim panels, frame and feet
• Spring counterbalanced chamber with polyethylene guides
• Revolving, interchangeable upper and lower anticlogging wash arms
• Revolving, interchangeable upper and lower rinse arms
• Slanted, self-locating, one-piece scrap screen and basket system
• Automatic fill
• Door actuated start
• Automatic drain closure
• Vent fan control
• External booster activation
• Delime cycle
• Service diagnostics
• NAFEM Data Protocol capable
• Straight-through or corner installation
• Hot water sanitation
• 3?4" pressure regulator valve
OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES (Available at extra cost)
• Peg rack
• Combination rack
• Splash panel kit (for corner installations)
• Flanged and seismic feet
• End of cycle audible alarm (field activated)
• Delime notification (field activated)
• Front loading kit (field installation required)
• Water hammer arrestor kit

Product Overview

Dishwasher, door type, hot water/chemical sanitizing, 58-65 racks/hour, straight-thru or corner, solid-state controls with digital status, without booster heater, electric tank heat, PRV included, auto-fill, stainless steel tank, frame, doors & feet, 208-240/60/3, ENERGY STAR®


Height = 66.5" Width = 27" Depth = 28.5"
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