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The Benefit of Buying Scratch and Dent, Overstock, Factory Special Over Used Equipment

The Benefit of Buying Scratch and Dent, Overstock, Factory Special Over Used Equipment

When buying used kitchen equipment, it might seem like you have a great deal. You get a commercial-grade restaurant appliance at what seems like a great deal compared to if you were to buy new. Unfortunately, there can often be issues under the surface that can turn that dream deal into a nightmare. Unforeseen damage, costly repairs and other problems could leave you high and dry with a dud of a machine and large bills to pay with no one to help you! If you buy used equipment, the seller isn’t going to do anything if you run into issues, your business might be impacted (food loss, service restrictions) while you wait until a service technician can diagnose/repair it or you have to call it quits and buy a replacement.

Scratch and Dent Restaurant Equipment

If your budget restricts you from purchasing brand new equipment but you’re worried about potential issues down the road that comes with buying used, there is another option. Restaurant City has the LARGEST showroom selection of scratch and dent, overstock and factory special equipment on hand that offers you the same quality a new appliance provides with discounts as much as 60% off. These are appliances with minor cosmetic blemishes that prevent them from being sold as new. The benefits this equipment offers vastly outweigh any benefits that come from buying used.


Scratch and dent equipment is completely new, fully functioning and often still carries a full or partial factory warranty. You’ll often get a manufacturer’s warranty that protects the product from potential failures. This is the same standard warranty a new unit carries. Used equipment, on the other hand, offers no such warranties. If you have a catastrophic equipment failure and need repairs or a replacement, you’ll have to shell out a lot of money to get it fixed.


A substantial reason why people buy used restaurant appliances is the cost. A new piece of equipment can easily be twice as expensive as a used one. They’re willing to put up with problems down the road due to the lower price. However, scratch and dent equipment or factory specials offer essentially new appliances while having a lower cost. Often, these can be discounted 40%-60% off the original price. You can still maintain your budget while purchasing affordable appliances that offer the same high quality as if it was new. You won’t have to worry about costly repairs that bump up the long-term price of used commercial equipment.

No Mysteries

When you buy used equipment, you also purchase the product’s history. The previous owners may not have taken good care of the equipment, provided regular maintenance or even cleaned it before selling it! The truth of the matter is that you won’t know if it will last 30 years or 3 days before failing. Factory special and overstock equipment, on the other hand, come with no mysteries. Besides potential cosmetic damage, there is no history of repair or failure. You can rest assured that the quality is just as good as new commercial equipment. There won’t be any mysterious failures or broken parts.

Purchasing new, scratch and dent or used equipment can be challenging. To get the best value out of your purchase, researching is key. Should you have any questions or having trouble deciding, Restaurant City staff will work with you to understand the different benefits each option provides and why you should choose one over the other. 

If you’re still unsure about scratch & dent equipment, think about this. The reason we sell a lot of these units is because we believe in their quality and the savings they offer to customers. If these units were routinely having issues, then we wouldn’t be selling them in the first place. If there are any issues, we do our best to coordinate applicable warranty service, or remedy the situation for the customer ourselves. As with any issue, you can always call your salesperson or visit, as we’re here to help!

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