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Prepare Your Kitchen for Vegetarian Dining

Prepare Your Kitchen for Vegetarian Dining

As people become more aware of the health and environmental impacts of what they eat, their dining habits change. Some have chosen to swap traditional meals with meat with other options like vegetarian dishes or alternative protein sources. This is especially apparent during No Meat March, a movement that encourages people to incorporate plant-based and meatless meals into their diet. As the meatless movement continues to grow, restaurants need to have the proper restaurant kitchen equipment to adequately prepare vegan/vegetarian meals and store the ingredients. Luckily, Restaurant City is here to help. Here’s how to prepare your kitchen for No Meat March and beyond.

No Meat March


More Prep Space

When using vegan/vegetarian products, you’ll need more prep space available for these fresh ingredients. Any restaurant should have adequate space and equipment available, but one most be cognizant to avoid cross-contamination. Many vegans/vegetarians don’t want their food coming into contact with meat or anything that has touched meat. So rather than cleaning off the prep space in between meals, having a separate one for meatless menu items eliminates cross-contact concerns.


Similar to traditional foodservice items, plant-based food needs proper storage. You should have shelving, packaging and containers to separate the ingredients. Each ingredient should be stored in a clean and sanitized container that’s covered. Label the food with its name and expiration date. If you need to wrap the food, cover it using aluminum foil or tight-fitting plastic wrap. This will prevent cross-contamination from occurring.

Dedicated Cooking Area

Just like with prep space and refrigeration, your restaurant needs a dedicated cooking area for meatless products. Commercial kitchen appliances we recommend you should have are commercial ovens, grills, griddles, pots and pans, slicers, food processors and kitchen utensils. This restaurant equipment should only be used for plant-based items and never for meat. Having this dedicated cooking area will cut down on the hassle and prevent ingredients from coming into contact with one another.

Although these added equipment and areas are an additional cost, this investment will elevate you past your competitors. With vegan/vegetarian dining on the rise, your ability to provide this experience will return the investment tenfold. If you need help preparing your restaurant for No Meat March and beyond, visit your local Restaurant City showroom. Our experienced team will answer your questions and provide you with restaurant appliances that fit your needs.

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