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How to Prepare Your Kitchen for the Holidays

How to Prepare Your Kitchen for the Holidays

With the holiday season right around the corner, now is the time to start preparing. As the holidays usually represent the busiest time of the year, your kitchen and commercial equipment must be ready to handle the extra load. Here are some tips and tricks on how to prepare your kitchen for the holidays.

How to Prepare Your Kitchen for the Holidays

Take Inventory

You can find yourself in a jam if you don’t have enough smallwares or large restaurant appliances to combat the holiday rush. Be sure to do a thorough inventory of your silverware, glasses, plates, and other items well in advance. If you’re low on stock, now’s the time to order more. For commercial kitchen equipment, if you don’t think your range or refrigerator is enough for the influx of guests, consider purchasing another one. Restaurant City will work with you to find the right piece of large equipment for your needs.

Provide Maintenance

Increased customer foot traffic, while meaning more potential sales, also puts more strain on your restaurant appliances. Providing deep cleaning, inspections, and other preventative maintenance can extend your equipment’s lifespan while decreasing the chance of it breaking down during the holiday rush. Be sure to look over every piece of equipment carefully and practice daily, weekly, and yearly cleaning procedures. That way you’ll notice if an appliance needs to be replaced soon or requires maintenance.

Serve Food Appropriately

Whether you’re tackling high traffic in a restaurant or are catering to a large ballroom, you need to serve your food in ideal conditions. It’s important to have safe internal temperatures for both cooked and perishable food. Having equipment like food warmers, holding cabinets, refrigeration units and other commercial appliances promotes both efficiency and safety. They’ll keep the food’s internal temperature at a safe level and allow you to serve the highest quality food to guests. 

Replace at the Right Time

By providing proper maintenance, you can extend the life of your appliances. However, everything will need replacing one day, and it’s important to replace your commercial restaurant equipment at the right time. Don’t delay or you may find yourself in the middle of dinner service with a broken cooktop. By regularly inspecting your equipment, you’ll be able to order new appliances promptly. This will prevent you from missing out on customers and potential revenue.


The holiday season can be difficult to navigate for restaurants. By following these tips, your restaurant appliances will be able to handle the load! If you need new commercial equipment, don’t hesitate to visit your local Restaurant City showroom. We’ll work with you to find the perfect equipment for your needs. 

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