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Employee Spotlight: Inside Sales Representative Taylor Lackey

Employee Spotlight: Inside Sales Representative Taylor Lackey

Restaurant City has amazing employees who excel in going above and beyond to help customers with their commercial kitchen appliance needs. To show our gratitude, we want to spotlight employees that truly represent the ideals Restaurant City stands behind.

Taylor Lackey Inside Sales Representative

Taylor Lackey works at our Waterbury showroom as an inside sales representative. We spoke to him about what it’s like working in sales.

What does it mean to be in sales?

Being in sales is all about building a relationship and communicating effectively with your customers to get them the best products for their needs.

How long have you been in sales?

I have been involved in sales for 10 years.

Why did you get into sales?

I first started my career in various customer service positions but soon made a transition into sales to more directly serve my customers. I discovered I had a real knack for it, and have continued with sales ever since then.

What is your favorite sales story?

My favorite sales story at Restaurant City is when I met the owner of one of my favorite coffee & smoothie shops. We began talking over the phone when the pandemic first hit Connecticut, and since then we've developed a great business relationship.  

How is Restaurant City going above and beyond in the sales department?

We have an extensive inventory of equipment which allows us as salesmen to offer a variety of products to the customers. We work directly with our clients and even make site visits when needed to ensure the correct equipment is ordered.

How does Restaurant City’s sales department compare to other restaurant equipment outlets?

At Restaurant City, all of the sales staff work together as a team. There is no competition between one another or high pressure sales tactics which makes for a more enjoyable customer experience.

What has your sales experience been like with Restaurant City?

Working at Restaurant City has been nothing but positive. Our team has extensive knowledge of this industry and always willing to share those tips. It has been very enjoyable building new relationships with restaurant owners in our area.

What’s your favorite restaurant or hospitality-related movie?


Employees like Taylor are what makes Restaurant City grow and succeed. We want to build great relationships with our customers. The sales team is necessary for that to happen. We’re so grateful for Taylor and his hard work. He is what every Restaurant City employee should strive to be. Thank you for everything you do!

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